Tips for Mastering Mother’s Day 2016

April 19, 2016 — by MediaMath    

Mother’s Day is the third biggest retail holiday of the year in the US according to eMarketer. Last year, the average US consumer spent $173 (up from $163 in 2014) on presents for mom, for a combined total of $21.2 billion on Mother’s Day gifting according to the National Retail Federation. The time to start planning your Mother’s Day campaign launches is now, and we’ve got some tips to help. Here is a tease of some of them—you can download our full analysis of Mother’s Day campaign trends, plus campaign optimization tips, here:

  • CPMs spike 11 to 15 days before Mother’s Day, and half of all conversions occur between 10 and five days before the holiday. In order to ensure delivery during this peak time, increase bids at least two to three weeks prior to the holiday.
  • It’s interesting to note that the majority of campaigns we saw were in the consumer goods category but the highest conversions were in clothing and accessories. To make sure you are reaching the right audience in your vertical, include Mother’s Day-specific CTAs, which tend to help ads convert better, and DCO for targeting your holiday browsers.
  • According to eMarketer, the most common way in which smartphone owners in the US planned to use their mobile for Mother’s Day shopping in 2015 was researching products and comparing prices (25%). This highlights mobile as a crucial touchpoint along the path to purchase this holiday. It’s more important than ever to develop mobile-specific initiatives as well as run desktop display. Utilize mobile-specific targeting (including creatives) where possible.

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