Talent 2018: 5 Recruiting and Hiring Predictions for the Coming Year

January 18, 2018 — by MediaMath    

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Our very own Jenna Griffith, Chief Operating Officer, shared with what she thought the biggest trend in hiring in 2018 will be:

“In 2018, we’ll see the trend of boomerang employees even more than we already do. Here at MediaMath, we encourage people who leave the company to share what they’ve learned here and the skills they’ve developed with the wider industry. Many people who leave remain champions of MediaMath, and they often return in their new roles at their new jobs to conduct business with us. Increasingly, we are seeing former MediaMath employees come back to us as boomerang employees. This is exciting to us, as these people are already very knowledgeable about our culture and have the added benefit of injecting new, up-to-date insights from their time outside the company into MediaMath’s operations. Within MediaMath, we are actively working to foster and increase the number of boomerang hires through alumni events and outreach efforts.”

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