Standing with Ukraine

March 9, 2022 — by MediaMath    

MediaMath Standing with Ukraine

MediaMath is committed to making advertising better for brands and consumers worldwide. While it may seem like a small contribution, advertising should not help support Russia or Belarus’ actions in Ukraine.

MediaMath will not support any advertising in Russia or Belarus for the foreseeable future. No campaign material targeting Russia or Belarus will be accepted, ad traffic from Russia and Belarus will be removed from our ecosystem and geo-targeting blocks will be in place.

We have a long-standing policy against disinformation and work collaboratively with the Global Disinformation Index (GDI) to ensure our supply complies with their recommendations. GDI protection blocks approximately 1,700 domains that publish and promote a broad range of disinformation narratives, including approximately 120 domains that are publishing disinformation narratives and content related to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine with that number is being added to regularly as events unfold. Any site found to be spreading disinformation is added to our Universal Block List and no ads will be served to these sites. We also offer additional disinformation protections based on journalistic standards via NewsGuard from Peer39 and Comscore.

Our advertising clients can also use brand safety tools from our contextual partners like Oracle, Peer39 & DoubleVerify to avoid their advertising appearing on content featuring sensitive material. For example, custom negative keyword lists surrounding terms such as Russia/Ukraine, military, war etc. However, we caution our clients to avoid over-blocking via keyword targeting. Studies suggest quality news content is not generally a brand safety risk, regardless of topic. More importantly, journalism is essential and should continue to be funded through sensitive and appropriate advertising. If you have any questions, please reach out to your account representative.

Neil Nguyen, MediaMath CEO