Shopping Joins Football-Watching As Prime ‘Sofa Sunday’ Activity

November 27, 2015 — by Edwin Lee

This post originally appeared Tuesday on Retail TouchPoints. 

It’s the Sunday evening of the long Thanksgiving weekend. You’ve finally made a significant dent in the leftovers and your most annoying relatives are on their way to the airport. So what do you do?

For many people the answer is, apparently, shop online using your handheld device. Aggregated advertiser data from MediaMath shows a definite spike in mobile traffic on “Sofa Sunday,” with the most purchases made from 7 pm to 11 pm. In an interview with Retail TouchPoints, Edwin Lee, VP of Retail at MediaMath, explained the trends that are fueling the Sofa Sunday phenomenon, and revealed how retailers can best take advantage of consumer activity during this critical portion of the holiday weekend.

Retail TouchPoints (RTP): How big a spike in mobile shopping are we talking about on Sofa Sunday?

Lee: It’s not clear exactly how big the spike will be, but it will spike. If you think about it, mobile shopping fits into the weekend when people are on the go. Whereas Cyber Monday is when people are back at work sitting in front of their desktop, Sofa Sunday is being out and about and still buying holiday gifts.

RTP: Is it primarily browsing and research, or completed transactions?

Lee: The major retail trend this year is that mobile conversions are finally catching up with the mobile traffic numbers. Historically, people would research on mobile and convert on desktop. On Sofa Sunday, people will be in-store and online at the same time, researching deals and, if they are finding the best one, converting, whether in-store or on their phone.

RTP: The “Couch Commerce” concept has been around for a few years. What recent trends, either technological or behavioral, are fueling this current spike?

Lee: The ultimate driver of converting on mobile devices is the comfort consumers have in doing so. This comfort is made up of better, not-just-mobile-optimized-sites, but mobile-web-specific designed sites and mobile apps. The fact that consumers are continuing to spend more and more time on their mobile device leads to higher trust and comfort in transacting over the mobile device. So it’s technological, but the technology is changing consumer behavior.

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Edwin Lee

Edwin Lee, VP of Global Retail, leads MediaMath’s retail go-to-market strategies. He employs MediaMath technologies to meet global retail business and marketing objectives, developing new programmatic advertising products and custom solutions. Edwin is responsible for global sales and product solutions in the retail vertical. Edwin brings over 19 years of client service, and over 14 years in digital marketing and media, working with global Fortune 500 companies. Prior to MediaMath, Edwin spent nearly 11 years at iCrossing / Proxicom where he lead strategy, creative, web development and digital media teams. Edwin’s interest in technology and media stems from days as a technology management consultant where he transformed companies to act faster and more efficiently through the use of technology.  Prior to that, he got his MBA in General Management from USC and a BA in Quantitative Economics from Stanford. Outside of work and having played competitively at Stanford, Edwin can be found on the golf course, preparing for his Sr. PGA Tour debut.