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The Global Review of Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising

“The Global Review of Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising,” a paper supported by MediaMath and produced by The Winterberry Group and the Global DMA, is the largest study ever undertaken by a global consortium of marketing associations focusing on the practice of data-driven marketing.

The study evaluates the responses of 3,000 data-driven marketers and advertisers in 17 countries and identifies key trends that resonate with marketers the world over.

Several key takeaways from “The Global Review of Data-Driven Marketing And Advertising” include:

Data-driven marketing budgets are on the rise: Globally, 63% of panelists reported that their spending on data-driven marketing and advertising grew over the last year—with another 10 % (73% in total) expecting that budgets will rise yet again over the next year.

Emerging markets are the most confident about data-driven marketing: Panelists in emerging markets—including India, Brazil and South Africa—indexed their level of optimism at higher levels than their counterparts elsewhere.

It’s all about customers: A majority of global panelists (53%) said that “a demand to deliver more relevant communications/be more ‘customer-centric’” is among the most important factors driving their investment in DDMA, outpacing all other relevant factors.


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