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Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising 2015 Report

Last year, the GDMA and the Winterberry Group released their inaugural report on how nearly 3,000 individual marketers, service providers, technologists and publishers from 17 global markets are leveraging data to engage consumers, build profitable customer relationships and grow lasting value for both parties to that interaction. Now, they are offering an even more in-depth perspective, and the only comparative analysis, of how data-driven marketing and advertising (DDMA) is practiced across borders in the second annual edition of The Global Review of Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising, a paper supported by MediaMath. Some key highlights include:

  • Data matters… more: 81.3% of global marketers describe data as important to their efforts; 59.3% call it “critical”
  • The customer is king: 90.2% of global marketers say they’re focused on predictive analytics and segmentation to better target and engage key audiences
  • The money’s on data-driven marketing: 56.3% of global marketers said they upped their annual data-driven marketing and advertising expenditures this year
  • Mar tech + ad tech = high priority: The availability of marketing and advertising technology was ranked among the top three highest factors driving investment in data-driven marketing
  • Attribution is where it’s at: Improved attribution is the most important factor marketers think will provide more value from data-driven marketing and advertising

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