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Learn How our Omnichannel Platform Drives Business Results

To measure how much more effective omnichannel marketing campaigns can be, MediaMath commissioned Forrester to complete a Total Economic Impact report testing the thesis that using our omnichannel platform for display advertising, mobile and video yields economic and efficiency benefits over using multiple point solutions.

Benefits of an omnichannel approach include:

  • Increased return on ad spend (ROAS). Marketers using MediaMath’s platform were able to double their return on ad spend though cross-channel optimization, fluid budget allocation and reallocation, holistic frequency capping and other tools in our platform.
  • Improved profitability. Brands reported 80% better profitability on MediaMath versus alternative platforms due to increased margins and reduced CPA. Profitability is calculated as a function of customer lifetime and margins.
  • Maximized operational efficiency. Interviewed organizations saw a 30% increase in productivity, improving workflow and process efficiency by consolidating to MediaMath’s platform.

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