MediaMath Identity: The ID5 IdentityCloud

May 19, 2022 — by MediaMath    

Welcome to the latest in MediaMath’s Identity Landscape. In this series we’re providing an overview of our core identity partners to help advertisers choose the identity solution that’s right for them.

Introducing the ID5 IdentityCloud

ID5 offers IdentityCloud, a comprehensive suite of solutions that caters to the industry’s identity needs of both today and tomorrow.

One of these solutions is the ID5 ID, a next-generation identifier that is used by publishers, brands, and platforms to recognize users and deliver campaign objectives across devices without reliance on traditional identifiers, such as third-party cookies and MAIDs.

ID5 generates its IDs by processing various signals that publishers provide for identification purposes. Each ID is then distributed by publishers across the entire ecosystem. ID5’s IDs are encrypted, meaning that only authorised ad tech partners are able to decrypt and therefore use them for targeting, frequency capping, measurement, data aggregation, segmentation, and more.

Four key elements make the ID5 ID unique:

  1. Neutrality – ID5’s core business is identity. The company is not involved in media/data buying or selling. Therefore, ID5 doesn’t have any conflict of interest with its clients and can work with anyone in the ecosystem.
  2. Signal diversity – ID5 leverages different signals (including hashed email addresses, page URL, IP address, user agent etc.) as well as both deterministic and probabilistic methods to link IDs across domains and devices. By doing so, ID5 can significantly increase the size of the addressable audience, even for those websites that have a small percentage of logged-in users.
  3. Privacy focus – ID5 has developed its user identification services following a privacy-first approach. ID5 complies with all regional data privacy regulations across the globe and has developed advanced encryption mechanisms to block unauthorised vendors from activating the ID and enforce users’ preferences down the value chain.
  4. Scale – Its neutrality, methodologies and privacy-focused technology have made the ID5 ID the most adopted globally, as proven by, an independent engine that crawls websites. Sincera’s data analysis shows that the ID5 ID is the most installed ID module via Prebid.

Today, there are many solutions and tools available on the market claiming to provide cookieless identification. We believe that the future of identity will see a variety of solutions being used to solve different use cases. More specifically, in the ID space, there will be a consolidation around the identifiers that have achieved large adoption and scale and have proven their effectiveness. As privacy regulations evolve, identity solution providers will need to be far-sighted and agile, and ready to adapt their solutions to meet new requirements.