MediaMath Identity: Shift the Paradigm with Parrable

May 17, 2022 — by MediaMath    

Welcome to the latest in MediaMath’s Identity Landscape. In this series we’re providing an overview of our core identity partners to help advertisers choose the identity solution that’s right for them.

Introducing Parrable’s Anonymous Device ID

Third-party cookies are an endangered species, working across less than 35% of programmatic media today. By 2023 they will be extinct. Cross-app tracking by MAIDs will follow suit, according to Google.

Demand for first-party identity solutions has never been greater. Advertisers, publishers and their partners are competing to identify, reach and measure ad impact on users while dramatic changes to iOS are limiting advertisers’ ability to address users in the walled gardens. Google’s Android changes will make these challenges worse.

Utilizing best-of-breed identity solutions from several providers ensures future-proof scale and full functionality across use cases. A portfolio-approach to dwindling addressability is the solution for advertisers and their partners

Parrable does not require user authentication (login) and works with both authenticated and unauthenticated user devices without the use of third-party cookies. Users are not logged into websites on the open web 95%+ of the time. Parrable is essential for reaching those users where they are not logged-in which can increase addressability 50%+ for advertisers across the web. Parrable is the ideal solution for identifying devices that do not support third-party cookies (approximately 1/3 of Chrome impressions).

Additionally, Parrable is complementary to authenticated and cross-channel identity solutions, like LiveRamp, UID 2.0 and Tapad, by extending reach and addressability into unauthenticated cookieless environments. These solutions have unique abilities to connect multiple devices to a person via email, PII and/or onboard household or CRM data. Working with both authenticated and unauthenticated ID solutions enables advertisers to onboard rich data and use Parrable to extend their reach across the web where users are not logged in.

Parrable’s solution unifies identity on a single device with its patented technology that associates multiple browsers, web-views and apps together with a single ID, eliminating the need for cookie syncs and bridging app and browser profiles. Parrable’s solution is a privacy-friendly, pseudonymous, encrypted device ID that does not rely on browser fingerprinting, hashed emails or third-party cookies. The Parrable ID provides the similar privacy enhancing tools as MAIDS provide in App in terms of ID rotation and opt-out choice.

Parrable enables its partners to target, re-target, measure, frequency cap and sequentially message users on a device where third-party cookies do not exist and in-app identifiers are limited.

Parrable represents the new world of identity, eliminating reliance on walled gardens and PII. Parrable is a consent-based identity solution that is GDPR and CCPA compliant. We are engineered for a future where brands, marketers and publishers own their data.

Case Study: Parrable has shown to increase addressability by 60%+ by allowing brands like Spiceology to reach their target audience in third-party cookieless traffic.

Using Parrable Today: Parrable’s ID is propagated on the supply side to tens of thousands of global publishers “Parrable enabled supply” and is passed in the bidstream for DSPs (or SSPs) to activate. A Parrable ID can be generated by placing JavaScript on a brand’s website for retargeting or on first and third-party data that is sent to the DSP/CDP/DMP.