MediaCrossing Trades in Disparate DSPs for Single Omnichannel Platform to Boost Performance, User Experience

October 18, 2016 — by Lauren Fritsky    

In an increasingly digital world, today’s consumer regularly uses multiple devices, creating both challenges and opportunities for modern marketers looking to seamlessly and relevantly engage with people wherever they are. The thoughtful marketer is leaning into this change, embracing omnichannel approaches to media management and measurement to better understand and satisfy consumer needs.

Digital media agency MediaCrossing knew that omnichannel was the way forward to increase performance for their clients. Specializing in data-driven digital media management, the agency initially had multiple DSPs in place to manage execution across video, mobile, display and social. The result was a siloed approach that limited cross-channel control and insight, led to a lack of transparency around costs and created workflow and other operational inefficiencies. In their quest for a single unified solution, MediaCrossing looked into MediaMath’s omnichannel platform for activating data and engaging audiences across devices with greater ease.

To learn more about how MediaCrossing migrated from various point solutions to a single omnichannel platform and the powerful results they were able to achieve, download the full case study here.