Make the Most Out of the Biggest Day in Sports with Twitter Advertising

April 20, 2015 — by Vanessa Sorenson    

What turns just another Saturday into the greatest day in sports of the year? How about the convergence of game-day calendars from every large sports franchise out there, from boxing to baseball, and beyond. That’s exactly what will happen Saturday May 2nd, 2015.

Seven large sporting events from these sporting organizations will be broadcast throughout the day:

● The English Premier League with Manchester City vs. Tottenham

● The NFL with the NFL Draft

● The MLB with Yankees vs. Red Sox

● The NBA with the NBA playoffs

● The Kentucky Derby

● The NHL with the Stanley Cup

● Pay Per View boxing with Mayweather VS Pacquiao

Since there will be plenty of social media chatter about these sporting events, now is the perfect time to plan a social advertising strategy to join in on the conversation. Utilizing a social platform like Twitter for your social advertising strategy is an easy way to connect with consumers who follow and talk about these sporting events in real-time.

TV and Twitter work especially well together, with many using Twitter on their second screen during live, televised events. In fact, 87% of consumers now use a second screen while watching TV, according to a recent report. Marrying Twitter advertising to televised sporting events opens up a huge opportunity for advertisers to reach audiences across devices and screens in order to drive brand engagement on digital channels. Using paid Tweets, or Twitter Cards, can increase brand impact versus TV advertising alone. For instance, brands who engage with their audience during a popular TV event or show have seen 11% greater lift in brand favorability and 14% greater lift in purchase intent over TV advertising alone, according to Millward Brown Digital.

Reaching your consumers on May 2nd, during the biggest day in sports TV, is quite simple if you plan for these live TV moments ahead of time. Advertisers looking to improve their cost per engagement (CPE) across social can leverage Twitter paid advertising to scale their social media efforts for these popular sporting events. To reach Twitter users, advertisers can take advantage of MediaMath’s Upcast Social to create, manage, and optimize their Twitter campaigns. Consider these two tactics to reach the audiences with the highest ROI:

• Make the most of the official hashtags for each event in your promoted Tweets or Twitter Cards to inject your brand into the conversation happening on Twitter.

• Use Upcast Social to tap into Twitter’s TV Conversation targeting to engage fans Tweeting about a TV show in real-time, as the show airs.

With a little advanced planning, brands can maximize the power of Twitter to engage in the live conversations happening on Twitter on May 2nd, the biggest day in sports TV.