Integrated DSP + DMP Approach Increases ROAS for Luxury Retailer Luisa Via Roma

January 20, 2017 — by MediaMath    

Top online luxury fashion retailer Luisa Via Roma had a goal to build a transparent, global, full-funnel programmatic strategy, including branding and performance strategies.

To date, their display advertising strategy had consisted of direct buys managed on an IO basis. These campaigns were predominantly measured on CTRs, percentage of new customers and time spent on site, leading to a restricted view on performance. Although Return on Ad Spend performed well overall, the brand lacked a truly transparent solution that allowed them to learn in detail about the effectiveness of their targeting and messaging. LVR wasn’t able to develop any expectations in terms of measurable sales performance, which kept them from scaling their marketing investments.

LVR began engaging with MediaMath in Q1 2016, kicking off a full-funnel programmatic campaign including a PMP with one of the most prestigious fashion publisher houses. The brand relied heavily on MediaMath’s consulting services, which consisted of education, consolidation of the tech stack, reporting and the creation of a joint data and media strategy. Together, we developed an integrated DMP + DSP strategy that drove up to 11.7 times higher ROAS/ROI. To learn more about the full solution and results, read the case study here.