Integral Ad Science Unveils Pre-Bid Video Segments To Boost Viewability By The ‘Threshold’

April 25, 2016 — by Amarita Bansal    

Recently, Integral Ad Science rolled out pre-bid viewable segments for video, providing advertisers the opportunity to target against different viewability thresholds.

MediaMath is the first demand-side platform (DSP) to adopt Integral’s new pre-bid segments.

Read an excerpt below of the AdExchanger article, written by Kelly Liyakasa, to learn more about pre-bid viewability:      

Rather than bidding based on historical data, Integral’s pre-bid viewability segments help marketers fine-tune their bids before the fact.

So instead of just ranking the top 20% or 40% of impressions with the strongest viewability results, for example, marketers can now bid on ad impressions that are more likely to be viewable and in-view longer.

Although Integral offered pre-bid targeting segments to DSPs since 2011 – its earliest integrations date back to 2010 with AdMeld when Integral was known as AdSafe – those were largely centered around display.

“What we’ve done with video is a little different and something we feel is way more respective to advertisers,” said David Hahn, SVP of product management for Integral. “The net benefit is the advertiser can say, ‘My threshold for this campaign needs to have at least 70% of impressions in view,’” and adjust bids accordingly.

Although this capability gives advertisers more in the way of matching bids to their preferred viewability levels, it’s not just about a simple upfront selection.

“A higher level of viewability sometimes means less audience coming from a targeting standpoint, so you really want to create this balance of scale versus viewability,” said Aruna Paramasivam, senior director of data and partnerships for MediaMath. “We like to say, ‘Yes, your ad is 90% viewable, but to how many people?’”  

To read the full article via AdExchanger, click here.

Amarita Bansal

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