Identity Illuminated

May 28, 2019 — by MediaMath    

Identity. Everyone from the government to your granny is talking about it. And with the constant evolution and shifting landscapes that come hand in hand with the topics of data privacy regulation, consumer privacy and identity, we at the New Marketing Institute wanted to better understand the subject, why it matters, what the industry is doing about and what the future might look like.

We had the opportunity to get some airtime with MediaMath’s John Slocum, VP of DMP, and IAB Tech Lab’s Jordan Mitchell, SVP of Membership and Operations, to discuss the topics at hand. John and Jordan focus on the value of an open and neutral ID not only to the ad tech ecosystem, but also to consumers looking for a better Internet experience.

Take a listen to our podcast “Identity Illuminated”—it’s the ninth episode in our Programmatic Untangled series. In this episode, we take it back to the post-cookie fallout, examining how we got here and what the identity landscape looks like now. We put the lens on walled gardens vs. open ID and what that means for identity and the consumer. We get different perspectives from the buy and sell sides on this topic. We wrap up by reviewing the DigiTrust approach and the benefits that we all want to see for the consumer. Click on the image below to listen!

As Director, Industry Content & Training, at MediaMath, Debbie has a passion for education and learning. Debbie spearheads the industry content roadmap for NMI and curates net new content to help others understand what can sometimes be a confusing landscape. In her spare time, she is raising three small digital natives who often influence the content she drives.

Cassie Albee is a Sr. Manager of Product Marketing working closely with the Product team to launch audience, data and identity products that are integrated into every part of MediaMath’s technology stack. She focuses primarily on positioning and communicating the value of these products and how they make the marketer’s and agency’s job easier. Cassie lives in New York City, but originally hails from Massachusetts. As such, she is a die-hard Patriots fan, despite the heckling she receives on a daily basis.