How Much Time are You Spending Managing PMPs that Don’t Perform?

November 6, 2017 — by Julia Welch    

Private deals are an important tool to access premium inventory. Many advertisers resort to them to exercise control of exactly where their brand appears. Others do it to ensure placement on top tier publishers instead of long tail inventory.

Managing the range of deals that are required in order to reach your customers can take enormous time and energy, and advertisers are often competing directly with other larger advertisers and agencies for privilege. In the era of header bidding, advertisers are increasingly locked in a zero-sum competition for priority in the waterfall, and advertisers can end up paying more for less if they are not paying adequate attention to their deal dynamics. This approach to inventory management is not scalable for programmatic, data-driven advertisers.

There is a better way. Save yourself some precious time this holiday season and beyond!

The MediaMath Curated Market is a compilation of publisher deals negotiated and procured by using an audience focused approach, which allows advertisers to find their best audiences at scale in a sophisticated invalid traffic-free environment. The Curated Market is essentially one big PMP, but we’ve already done all of the work for you. No need to troubleshoot, maintain publisher relationships, worry about scale or transparency issues—it’s all been hand-selected and negotiated by a team of experts. If you only remember three things about the Curated Market, remember these:

• Guaranteed SIVT Free: MediaMath has guaranteed that advertisers that purchase media through the Curated Market will be reimbursed for any traffic they run on suspicious invalid traffic.
• Premium Supply with Privileged Access: MediaMath has negotiated a privileged position in the waterfall of premium publishers based on the entirety of the advertiser demand that we represent, ensuring that when our buyers bid above the floor, we win.
• Audience Addressable: The Curated Market team has modeled and identified MediaMath’s clients best known and unknown customers and procured media against them to drive marketer outcomes.

Get started today — replace the PMPs that are not scaling in your campaigns with test strategies targeting the Curated Market. Or augment your existing PMP strategy with Curated Market strategies. Make sure to increase your bids to ensure that you win as much of the inventory in the Curated Market as it is at a higher price point than open auction.

Read more about the Curated Market here and learn about how to activate (for T1 users only) here.

Julia Welch

Julia Welch, VP, Product, Curated Market alongside her team created and executed the vision and product that became the MediaMath Curated Market. Julia is passionate about brand safety and buy side addressability in the digital marketing ecosystem. Prior to joining MediaMath’s product team, she was in client service for 7 years, she has over 6 years in digital marketing and media, working with global Fortune 500 companies. Prior to MediaMath, Julia obtained her CPA while working for Ernst & Young in their Global Financial Services Office. Julia’s passion for data-driven decision making stems from her time as an auditor, where she used data analysis to drive all auditing decisions. Julia’s passion for media and technology began with her search to find a new career path in the advertising space.