Gaining an Edge in Data-Driven Marketing

November 13, 2015 — by Isman Tanuri    

This article is authored by Saurabh Dangwal, Vice President, APAC, MediaMath, and originally appeared on ComputerWorld Malaysia. 

Everywhere around the globe, across all markets and industries, data truly matters.

In a recent global research study done by the The Winterberry Group and Global DMA, 80 percent of the marketers, technologists and service providers surveyed said that data is crucial to the deployment of their marketing and advertising efforts.

Data for businesses has evolved from merely providing learnings, to giving answers and driving actionable insights. Increasingly, businesses are moving towards a smarter, more consumer-centric approach, and this can only be done with gathering insights from data.

But in order to be truly data-driven, what are some of the key trends that marketers need to consider?

It’s all about the consumer
As consumers increasingly expect better targeted and personalised communication, moving from a Channel-Centric approach to Audience-Centric marketing just makes good business sense. For evidence, the increased usage of ad blocking technology is a direct reaction of consumers being delivered irrelevant and inappropriate advertising messages.

To meet this expectation, businesses rely heavily on their marketers to know all they can about their customers, and to be able to interact with them effectively.

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