Econsultancy and MediaMath Examine Consumer-First Marketing in 2018 and Beyond

September 10, 2018 — by MediaMath    

You don’t have to be a CMO to know that there’s a disconnect between the vision of what marketing is capable of and its current reality. As a consumer, the gap is evident as well.

Consumers are barraged by increasingly annoying, intrusive, irrelevant or over-bearing ads. There is a growing concern that their attention and personal data are being exploited by bad actors, while they are given little or no say in the matter. Meanwhile, the proliferation of media touchpoints means marketers are being forced to manage increasing complexity in their marketing activities, yet continue to have limited tools to efficiently execute and measure its impact. The result is an alarming level of distrust and tension in the industry, massive waste of time and resources and a general stifling of innovation.

The problems are clear, but fortunately, the solutions are near at hand. That being said, making the vision a reality is not easy.

Our research with Econsultancy finally quantifies this disconnect. Their survey of more than 400 marketers from around the world shows how the industry is recognizing a consumer-first approach to marketing, but still struggles to execute it.

For instance, 92% of respondents agree that integrated tech and data allow for seamless, effective advertising, yet 63% of advertisers and 96% of agencies believe that their adtech and martech are insufficiently integrated. And that’s just one of the interesting facts we discovered that quantify the disconnect.

Dream vs Reality: The State of Consumer-First and Omnichannel Marketing

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