Dagensanalys interview: Smart technology with transparency is the key to digital success

September 28, 2015 — by Emma Williams    

Stockholm (Sweden)

Janicke Eckbo, Commercial Director, EMEA and Diana Dalsgaard, Director Platform Solutions, EMEA at MediaMath were recently interviewed by Peter Mackhé, Digital Media Strategist from Swedish publication, Dagensanalys at dmexco 2015. Below is an English version of the article.

Read the original article in Swedish.

I recently met with two inspiring Scandinavian ladies from global technology company MediaMath, who are taking the digital advertising market by storm–Diana, who oversees platform solutions, and Janicke who works on the commercial side of the business.

During our interview, they explained to me what MediaMath does and how the company’s technology and service helps advertisers and media agencies make better and smarter digital advertising decisions to drive greater business outcomes.

It was refreshing to meet these two Scandinavians–Diana from Denmark and Janicke from Norway–who discussed how they tailor their services to their home market.

MediaMath‘s technology–TerminalOne Marketing Operating System™–is an open platform for all digital advertising solutions, including analogue channels such as print. The operating system allows marketers to manage all their campaigns and automate their media buying, all in real-time in one transparent platform.

MediaMath supports a vast amount of integrations in the ecosystem to create smart and open advertising solutions for their advertisers. The company also seeks to prioritise the needs of local markets such as the Nordic countries by creating customised solutions.

Major media agencies and online retailers are the main users of MediaMath’s technology, however, all kinds of data-driven businesses are benefiting from the solution MediaMath offers.

Technology and transparency are key to digital success, alongside providing good support and educating clients on how programmatic can empower them across all digital advertising. In today’s connected world, MediaMath’s aim is to create an engaging ad experience for everyone online and deliver relevant advertising solutions that drive desired business outcomes.