Combining the Worlds of Adtech and Martech with MediaMath and IBM

October 6, 2015 — by Mary Casey    

This blog post was first published as a guest post on IBM’s blog. IBM is a valued strategic partner.

MediaMath is thrilled to have participated in IBM’s Silverpop Amplify EMEA conference in London last week. The conference proved a great opportunity to celebrate our partnership with IBM and to connect with a diverse group of marketers looking to leverage new and innovative technologies to amplify their marketing strategies.

A few key takeaways from this conference:

  • The technologies of the marketing and advertising ecosystem must keep pace with the increasing demands of both consumers and marketers.
  • Marketers must orchestrate brand experiences that are seamless, relevant, and personalized, particularly as 89% of companies plan to compete primarily on customer experience by 2016.
  • There are critical insights currently stranded in the early and late stages of the purchase funnel that, when shared, can drive higher ROI for marketers and better experiences for customers.
  • It is essential to leverage all available first and third party data, drive contextual conversations with customers, and close the loop across all media strategies.

Together with IBM, we are leading the charge around combining the worlds of ad tech and martech. Combining our expertise in activating data and automating paid media execution with Silverpop’s expertise in customer engagement, marketers can leverage insights and execute optimized campaigns across both paid and owned channels.

Imagine building your narrative via email, but continuing that conversation across paid media channels. Imagine tailoring ad creative to your customers based on the email or push content that was most interesting to them. As the Operating System of record for marketers, we are already wholly focused on driving better marketer outcomes, but through our partnership with IBM, we are offering marketers a flexible, next-generation marketing tech stack that is greater than the sum of its parts. Through IBM’s Universal Behavior Exchange, all customer interactions are portable between Silverpop and MediaMath, making more behavioral data targetable in both MediaMath’s TerminalOne and Silverpop than ever before.

Through our partnership, we are empowering marketers to:

  • Target and anti-target in-store audiences based on in-store behaviors in MediaMath’s TerminalOne.
  • Use behavioral data from Silverpop to determine which creatives users should see next.
  • Leverage behavioral data from Silverpop to understand where impression dollars are most likely to drive conversions.

Now, marketers can maximize the benefits of both platforms, achieve higher ROI, and master the ongoing dialogue with the customer. For more information, visit