CES 2020: The Industry is Ready to Join Us on Our Journey to 100% Accountability and Addressability

January 14, 2020 — by MediaMath    

I arrived into Las Vegas early last week for a jam-packed week of meetings and events at CES and left with a sense of incredible gratitude for our team’s execution and for the excitement around our efforts to create a 100 percent accountable ecosystem by the end of this year through SOURCE by MediaMath. We had the opportunity to talk to quite a few marketers, agencies, and ecosystem partners who are looking forward to participating, and we’re ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work with them. A couple of key callouts:

  • Our vision is unique and differentiated and is appealing to many potential clients and partners in the market.
  • It was impressive to see the sheer number of potential partners with whom our Global Partnerships team spoke. They are eager to participate and to use our new clean pipes, bringing their own media, data, and identity solutions to bear.
  • Major content owners not only believe in the change we’re leading, but they’re asking how they can join the more than 100 of their ranks currently offering inventory through SOURCE. SSP partners are asking how they can participate, too.
  • Brands we met with are not only looking to clean up their media supply ecosystems, but are also seeking partners with whom they can connect their marketing and data stacks and build new capabilities internally.
  • I was delighted to see CES content sessions on some of the topics that are interwoven with our accountability and addressability efforts and by industry icons such as P&G’s Marc Pritchard, who reiterated his company’s commitment to doing its part in building a new, cleaner supply chain. Our CTO/CPO Wil Schobeiri participated in a panel with SOURCE partners Rubicon and LiveRamp and others moderated by AdExchanger’s Sarah Sluis on “Identity in the Age of Privacy Regulation and the Open Web.” He shares some of his takeaways here and says he’s bullish about the likelihood of a community identity asset actually becoming the standard across the ecosystem in 2020.

It bears repeating: This is the year of the accountable and addressable media supply chain. In 2021, the industry won’t need to make another call for a cleaner ecosystem, because it will be here, finally real, in motion, and ready for all of us to reap the benefit.