How OTT Ads Get Higher Viewability & Less Fraud

October 16, 2019 — by MediaMath


Originally posted on Beet.TV

Our Head of Advanced TV and Video, Mike Fisher, was interviewed by the folks at Beet.TV to talk about TV and how MediaMath is taking an aggressive role in redefining what the Omni-channel advertising ecosystem can do for brands and content owners through SOURCE by MediaMath.

“Compared with some of the more troubled parts of the digital advertising ecosystem, TV has always been considered cleaner.

Whilst online ad buyers, over the last few years, have wrung their hands over viewability, fraud and supply-chain transparency issues, television – if only because it has been, by definition, disconnected – has sailed on by the controversy.

Could the new connection of TV devices to the internet change that, however?

Integrated Ad Science, a maker of ad fraud detection software, says it is gearing up to launch a product for connected TVs by Q1 2020.

But Mike Fisher, the VP of advanced TV at online ad platform MediaMath, says the problem isn’t necessarily a problem… if you buy from the right places.”


How Marketers can Maximise the Impact of Video Advertising through Programmatic

February 15, 2016 — by Louise Quan


Building brand awareness through video advertising is more important than ever. But what’s more impactful is when brands combine video content with data-driven insights for their omnichannel campaign – targeting messages to the right consumer. This effectiveness is evident in the fact that European programmatic video advertising revenues are expected to increase by almost 40 percent every year, reaching €2bn by 2020.

In a recent article for The Drum, MediaMath’s Managing Director for EMEA, Dave Reed, explores the growth of video and shares his expertise on how brands can utilise programmatic video when optimising their omnichannel marketing campaigns.

Given that video is a powerful medium for brand awareness and developing consumer relationships, Reed cites how brands need more than just inspiring creative to be effective with their video advertising. He also mentions the success eBay have had with integrating programmatic video into their campaigns, and advises marketers on three key points:

  • Consider how viewability is assessed
  • Embrace the benefits of DSP technology
  • Increase programmatic video knowledge

Read the original article on The Drum