Bringing Accountability and Addressability to Emerging Channels

October 30, 2019 — by MediaMath    

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TV, out-of-home and audio don’t immediately scream ’emerging channels’, but in the world of programmatic advertising, they’re the new kids on the block. Yun Yip, VP of partnership development and country manager for MediaMath ANZ, shares her thoughts on the next wave of programmatic.

“The next wave of programmatic looks decidedly retro. Why now?

The short answer is advancements in technology, the ubiquity of data and the impact that the little black screen in our pockets has had on the way we consume media. Traditionally TV, OOH and audio advertising worked on one-to-many models – the same commercial delivered to a time slot or a geographic location.

Now, we’re all curators of our own entertainment streams, with many of us only using connected digital devices to watch or listen to our downloads and streaming services. Digital – and the subsequent fragmentation of media channels – has driven the shift from traditional media executions to the programmatic sphere. It is now moving us closer to the point at which brands will be able to execute most elements of an advertising campaign in a unified manner.

Let’s take a closer look at the key emerging channels and what marketers should know about the advantages and drawbacks of adding them into the programmatic mix.”

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