Bolstering Brand Safety with Contextual Pre-Bid Segments

October 25, 2017 — by MediaMath    

Seventy-eight percent of marketers report their brand reputation has been harmed in the past by “unintended” ad placement adjacent to inappropriate content, according to a CMO Council survey. In the contextual pre-bid landscape, our partner Grapeshot has focused on brand safety and their unique take on keyword segments — Predicts, which dynamically adapt to the relevant conversation happening on web pages, social and elsewhere. At a time when one of the largest perils of digital advertising is having your ad appear next to offensive or controversial content, Grapeshot’s brand safety segments are sought after by some of the largest advertisers in the industry. Their Predicts segments are a creative adaptation of keyword segments, along with an interesting application of technology, to create a differentiated and useful product in the market.

Today, we’re proud to announce our newest integration with Grapeshot, unlocking the entire Grapeshot portfolio of contextual pre-bid products in our platform to provide more choice and flexibility to our clients. The launch is the culmination of one of the largest integrations the Grapeshot team has performed in two years. Contextual pre-bid segments are available for both web and in-app including:

  • Brand Safety — make sure your ads only run alongside content that is appropriate for your brand
  • Standard Segments — target content based on a static set of keywords defined by the experts at Grapeshot
  • Standard Predicts — target content based on a dynamic set of keywords determined algorithmically and by following the social conversation across the web, defined by the experts at Grapeshot
  • Language — target based on page languages
  • Custom Segments and Custom Predicts — target content based on a static or dynamic set of keywords (respectively) created by you, tailored to your unique marketing needs

We’re excited to have Grapeshot available within our platform and look forward to hearing how it’s improved your targeting experience.