About Peter Gosling

As Creative Director for MediaMath, Peter is responsible for all design and branding efforts for the company. With experience spanning ten years and two continents, Peter is passionate about the role creative services plays in business and strives to acquire new skills and adapt to new technologies as soon as they emerge. Peter is a keen snowboarder, getting out west as often as possible. Working in a digital environment all day every day, Peter also tries to find time to enjoy the simple pleasures of drawing pencil on paper. It’s where all the best ideas start, no software required.

Latest articles by Peter Gosling


Let’s Make an Ad: Part 2

In part one of Let’s Make an Ad, we looked at what actually goes into creating an HTML5 ad unit and some of the many options out there. I today's post, I have done a screen capture showing how to m... Read more


Let’s Make an Ad!

Over the past few weeks we have explored some of the exciting opportunities but also limitations of being creative in a programmatic world. The potential for delivering a perfect ad is there. Who k... Read more


What is the Perfect Ad? : Part 2

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What is the Perfect Ad?

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Flash, a Love Affair

So, I’m just gonna come out and say it: I freaking love Flash. Flash – for the uninitiated, is a software platform used to create animation and rich media ads, among other things – has been drag... Read more


A Creative in a Programmatic World

The first time I heard the word “programmatic” referring to advertising was in an all-hands meeting with the head of sales for my former employer, I managed the team responsible for buildi... Read more


Welcome to the New and Blog

Today we’re very pleased to announce the launch of two updated MediaMath websites! On May 29th, we announced our new brand positioning and unveiled our new homepage. We fundamentally changed our m... Read more