About Michael Weaver

Michael Weaver has been a digital advertising industry leader and innovator for more than two decades. Weaver has helped shape both desktop and digital advertising as an early member of Bluestreak and founder of Third Screen Media. He was also a key player in driving advertising revenue at other companies such as Microsoft, Crisp, Phluant Mobile and Hipcricket. As Vice President of Product Strategy, Michael is responsible for guiding MediaMath’s channel advertising efforts across Mobile, Video, Audio, Social and Out of Home (OOH) for programmatic media in RTB, Direct, Private Marketplaces and other media buying methodologies.

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The End of the Channel Media Buyer

As we celebrate 10 years of programmatic advertising, we take a look at how the industry will evolve --- where channel-specific media buyers will start to adopt a more audience-based approach by us... Read more