About Diana Clough

Diana is a Learning & Development, Program Manager at MediaMath. She's developed programs that have enabled Tech employees to receive a stipend and designate 80 hours on the job to learning, provided functional and professional development training to all employees, and is very excited to continue building out the still maturing L&D function with her L&D team. She is also the co-founder of MediaMath’s internal Women in Tech group. Diana was born in Fairfax, Virginia, and, as a budding adult, found herself living in NYC for 10 years before moving closer to family in Washington DC. She enjoys revealing parts of DC she hopes she can compare to NYC to only find DC with its own special charm, especially with raising children – free museums!

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How to Make an Impact in a Time of Giving

For everyone who wants and has given back to their community, this post is for you. We’re quite lucky MediaMath not only has amazing, collaborative and smart people to work with, but it also has... Read more