Adtech: Predictions for 2017

December 23, 2016 — by Lauren Fritsky    

The WARC blog recently ran a post on marketing predictions from industry leaders. MediaMath CMO Joanna O’Connell was featured—her commentary is included below.

“Programmatic is moving into new territories—TV, audio, print, native.  The true ‘programmatic future’ is taking all forms of media and making them addressable and connected at a consumer level. User data is what powers the marketing that allows brands to reach and engage with consumers on a one-to-one level across channels, formats and devices throughout the customer lifecycle. But there’s need for technical convergence and message coherence across channels as viewed from a consumer perspective.

“Consumers, after all, don’t care what channel they’re in; they just notice when offers are off, mis-targeted or annoying due to over-frequency of delivery. And then they block ads. To combat this disengagement with advertising, marketers should commit to improving audience management and better aligning how they execute media across channels. This is how you start having a single view of customers that allows you to communicate more seamlessly and, thus, deliver more customer-centric marketing.”

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