Video Strategies for Back to School
Season Campaigns


Increase consumer awareness by extending your TV reach with online video
MediaMath enables you to reach your main back-to-school online shoppers by applying and targeting TV audience segments to your digital video campaigns. Through our partnerships with Datalogix and Samba TV you can reach TV viewers when they are online watching video. Use TV show categories including “family,” “sitcoms” and “contests” (think America’s Got Talent) to find relevant back to school audience to target on both TV and digital screens. You can also use Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings to identify and measure audiences exposed to any online campaign including video, providing you with valuable insights for your campaign going forward.


Socialize with millennials and parents on the sites they frequent most: Facebook & YouTube
While children, especially older ones, have strong opinions on what they want and are increasingly turning to social media for inspiration, eMarketer reports that 73% of US mothers surveyed stated that they used Facebook as a resource during back-to-school shopping. MediaMath has an exclusive partnership with Facebook via our newly acquired company, Upcast. With Upcast, you can leverage native Facebook data – along with 3rd party data - to target specific audiences for your video back-school campaigns.

MediaMath provides you with access to YouTube inventory including YouTube skippable ads, allowing you to retarget shoppers who have skipped your video ad with a display ad. With TerminalOneTM, you can benefit from our cross-channel capabilities, offering different channels such as video and display to reach your user.


Personalize your back-to-school promotions based on demographic or region
Millennials favor visual experiences, making video the perfect medium to use for your targeted promotions. Take advantage of our data partnerships with BlueKai, EXelate, AddThis, Lotame, Neustar and others by integrating 3rd party data such as demographic into your video campaign offers.

With our ever-growing video supply, you can take advantage of our global buying media types from Open RTB to Private Marketplace. Using our video site transparency report, you can better understand specific site performance across all buying types.


Access your mobile users with the largest mobile inventory in the industry
Use MediaMath’s device targeting capabilities to reach consumers and target price conscious mobile shoppers, both in-app or on the web with mobile video.

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