School’s in for summer: Get the best results this season

Back-to-school is retail’s second biggest shopping season of the year, with total spending for K-12 and college estimated to reach $68 billion in 2015.

To help ensure you’re targeting and reaching back-to-school shoppers this summer, we’ve put together a guide with tips for your campaigns, along with some exclusive audience segments and discounted publisher inventory.

Back-to-School Campaign Guide

We conducted an analysis of 110 back-to-school campaigns from 2012 and 2015 in the US and Canada to assess a number of factors including:

  • Average campaign start date
  • Most common verticals in campaigns
  • How CPMs rise and fall
  • When conversions are most likely
  • Breakdown between prospecting and remarketing
  • Breakdown of audience segments

Download the guide to see our findings and get recommendations for your campaigns this summer.

Download Campaign Guide



With Helix, our proprietary data offering, you get first-party, transactional and predictive audiences across all channels. Helix members have access to exclusive benefits including custom lookalike models, actionable insights, fresh high-quality audiences and consultative services. Non-Helix members may also access some Helix audiences and insights.

We’ve put together some Helix Standard Audiences for back-to-school for both Helix and non-Helix members. These audiences allow you to target users with direct observed back-to-school shopping behavior.

  • For non-Helix members
  • Back-to-School Shoppers
  • Back-to-School College
  • Back-to-School Moms
  • For Helix members
  • Back-to-School Kids (Desktop)
  • Back-to-School Kids (Mobile)
  • Back-to-School Teens (Desktop)
  • Back-to-School Teens (Mobile)
  • Back-to-School Shoppers
  • Back-to-School College
  • Back-to-School Moms

To take advantage of these Helix audiences for your campaigns, contact your MediaMath account rep.


We’re offering special, exclusive pricing on back-to-school audience segments - anywhere from a 15% to 67% CPM price drop on segments from some of our top data providers: Exelate, MasterCard, Lotame, NinthDecimal, Samba TV and PushSpring.

Back to School, MediaMath T1 Inventory

Download Segments


MediaMath has identified publishers that have back-to-school inventory to help maximize your campaign ROI.

Back to School, MediaMath T1 Inventory

Check out the inventory offerings (PMP) and prices. If you’re interested in any of the offerings, contact the publisher’s contact or your MediaMath rep to get started. Note that prices are subject to change.

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