MediaMath ConnectedID


Recognize users in cookie-based and cookieless environments across devices and leverage deterministic matching to reach users accurately at scale.

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Less than 40% of desktop users are targetable via cookies, and on mobile that number drops to less than 20% and these numbers are decreasing over time. Current industry approaches – using probabilistic matching or closed deterministic environments like Facebook and Google – don’t give advertisers a full picture of their audience or performance.

ConnectedID links MediaMath’s own non-PII targeting signals with those of almost any other party, such as media companies, publishers, ad exchanges, third-party solutions or data directly from advertisers. This enables a holistic view of the customer and powers meaningful engagement across devices and browsers – resulting in improved targeting, attribution, optimization, analytics and customer insights.

Identity at Scale

Cookieless device recognition and deterministic cross-device association power high-accuracy user recognition.

Optimized Messaging

Display relevant messaging at optimal frequency to target users with meaningful creative and minimize wasted spend.

Cross-Channel Attribution

Attribute performance accurately to ensure maximum ROI and gain valuable customer insights.