Using audience and contextual targeting, Adobe’s Display campaign delivered a CTR of 0.65%, a conversion rate of 4% and a click-to-visit rate of 84%


Adobe Enterprise, an American multinational computer software company, was looking to run a lead generation campaign for their latest product ‘Adobe Captivate Prime’, which gives companies complete control to deliver personalized learning experience to your employees, customers, and partners. The primary target market of the campaign was eLearning officers, HR directors, decision-makers, and training & development managers in companies with more than 500 employees.


Adobe Enterprise worked with their agency Entravision Media Donuts to deliver a Display and Rich Media campaign. In order to reach quality users, Adobe designed a landing page to encourage them to take advantage of a free 30-day trial. Once the user finishes the trail period, Adobe will push them to paid plans. To ensure the campaign was as effective as possible, they took to time to understand who their audience was and what they cared about most and then set up a combination of prospecting and remarketing strategies. For prospecting, a mixture of audience targeting, and contextual targeting, focusing on technology and software was used. To amplify the need for e-learning solutions among senior leaders who are responsible for education, training, development, and performance management among their staffs’ employees, multiple audiences of decision makers were created, including audience segments that use third-party data sources via DMPs to get granular insight into runtime activities. To remarket, an exclusion pixel was placed on key pages on the Adobe website which only existing customers could visit in order not to target those users who don’t require such a product. MediaMath’s optimization tools were also utilized to increase the click session rate of the campaign As their product is designed to train executives, they also worked very closely with their creative team to design meaningful visuals. Safe advertising was extremely important to Adobe Enterprise for their success. DoubleVerify and MOAT tools were used to ensure brand safety.


Adobe tried multiple DSP platforms & in-house DSP but were unable to meet the click-to-visit ratio above 50%. But through MediaMath and with their precise audience layer, an 80% click-to-visit ratio was achieved. This means that quality leads were delivered with a CTR of 0.65%, a conversion rate of 4% and a click-to-visit- of 84%


Adobe Inc., originally called Adobe Systems Incorporated, is an American multinational computer software company incorporated in Delaware and headquartered in San Jose, California. 

Entravision is a leading digital marketing performance and branding solutions platform serving eleven countries in the Asia-Pacific region.