Drive Greater Social Campaign ROI with the Most Agile Social Ad Platform for Enterprise Brands and Agencies

Upcast Social is a SaaS-based platform that helps brands and agencies build, execute, and optimize social campaigns across Facebook. Our platform provides more robust management capabilities than native platform tools, enabling you to save time and increase the ROI of your social ad investments.


  • Target – Access native Facebook data for targeting, and leverage powerful features like Facebook Custom Audiences
  • Create & Manage – Facebook ads across display, mobile, and video formats, at scale, all from one platform. Take advantage of a greater variety of native ad executions on Facebook
  • Optimize – Performance and ROI across all campaigns – branding and direct response, desktop and mobile
  • Enhance –  Existing display, mobile, and video campaigns with Facebook


★ Key Features


Inline Builder
Allows fast, complex, bulk creation in minimum clicks – quickly and easily create multiple campaigns/ad sets/ads/posts inline to meet whatever structure is required

Interests Mining
Expand reach quickly and easily – find similar keywords and receive reach across multiple countries for easy, quick planning

3rd Party Tracking
GA, DFA – automatically create unique tracking URLs

Bulk Create Page Post
Create page posts including Multi Product Ads – upload 100s or 1000s of page posts via Excel and receive story IDs back via email

Excel Upload
Create campaigns/ad sets/ads via Excel quickly and easily while still using the platform for optimization

Ad Set Scheduling
Day part ad sets to show only specific times of day/day of week for maximum impact



Bulk Filtering and Edit
Filter by name, performance or any aspect of campaigns/ad sets/ads and make changes quickly and easily across groups

Auto Page Post Promotion
Automatically promote posts based on virality/engagement rate to ensure the best performance posts are given a boost to be seen by the right audience

Budget Dashboard
Manage budget lines and monitor spend/results at a top line, account level to quickly highlight any red flags

Weather Strategies
Target by temperature, humidity, pressure, and other weather conditions of a local city to increase the relevancy of your ads

Auto Optimization
Set rules to automatically make optimizations on your behalf dependent on ad performance

Scheduled Web Query
Create WQs to get an ongoing web based report which will automatically update itself daily


Special Facebook Features

Advanced Duplication Multi-Product
Save time by duplicating your targeting groups, ad sets or ads and edit or reuse towards future campaigns

Reach & Frequency
Pre-set a reach, frequency and budget prior to the campaign for guaranteed results Serve multiple products within a single News Feed ad unit

Serve multiple products within a single News Feed ad unit


Why Upcast

  • Reduce cost per engagement
  • Increase ROI
  • Save time on campaign creation and edits
  • Leverage our experts for best practices and optimization recommendations
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