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Our technology was built from the ground up as a true platform to support the needs of digital marketers. That means flexible modular system components with open APIs that not only allow our internally-developed solutions to scale, but enable clients and partners to develop new solutions on top of TerminalOne, for themselves or the broader ecosystem. Our vision of reengineering marketing includes unlocking the imagination and innovation of the entire community and supporting the development of exciting new applications that continue to transform digital marketing. Some of the apps currently running in TerminalOne include:

Deal Discovery App:  The Deal Discovery App allows you to find and purchase programmatic guaranteed premium publisher inventory and easily provision deals in TerminalOne. It provides an aggregated overview of all Private Marketplace opportunities, the ability to negotiate directly with sellers in a controlled environment, and an easy way to manage and activate your buys in TerminalOne.

Grapeshot App: This partner app allows you to enter a list of custom keywords, which Grapeshot’s technology uses to define audiences consuming content relating to those keywords. Those audiences become available for immediate targeting in TerminalOne.

Twitter Tailored Audiences App:  The first of its kind, this app allows you to pipe your TerminalOne audience data into Twitter to create Twitter Tailored Audiences available for targeting in your Twitter Ad account.

Nielsen OCR App: The Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings App provides Nielsen-powered reporting for your TerminalOne campaigns, including daily reach, frequency, and GRP data, demographics, viewability, and more.

Innovation built by you, powered by the TerminalOne Marketing OS™.

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