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Whatever your digital marketing objectives may be, intelligent decisioning is the key to achieving them. We believe that if something can be measured, it can be improved with math.  But the size, variability, and complexity of digital data require machine learning algorithms that can determine – in real time – the right combinations of users, media, and messaging that will best achieve your goals.

The TerminalOne Brain™, a proprietary algorithm, developed internally by a veteran team of quant PhDs and algorithmic trading programmers, combines computational techniques from predictive modeling, statistics, game theory, and algorithmic securities trading to specifically meet the unique needs of programmatic media. The TerminalOne Brain™ delivers best-in-market performance on tens of thousands of campaigns comprising over $1 billion in media spend. With the TerminalOne Brain™, you can:

Determine the right price to bid for each impression: The “Left Brain” algorithm will correctly value every individual impression based on its predicted probability to achieve yourcampaign goal, whether it’s awareness, engagement, online purchase, or offline ROI. Unlike others, we don’t just buy audiences and we’re not limited to bidding on users with cookies. We start with your stated marketing goal and leverage 100% of the data, combining dozens to hundreds of user, media, and creative variables to determine not just when to bid, on what to bid, and at what price. Our ability to value each and every impression individually is why we bid more often and more widely than others. It means we have the greatest ability to de-average the universe of digital media into distinct impression-level predictions of performance against your goals.

Identify the best impressions to bid on to meet your goals: TerminalOne combines “Left Brain” predictions of impression value with “Right Brain” predictions of market clearing prices for each impression. Knowing both what an impression is worth to you and the price at which it will clear in the market, enables the Brain to determine which impressions will deliver the biggest bang for your advertising buck and focus on buying only those. Unlike other companies that represent both buyer and seller interests, we’re optimizing exclusively for marketers’ outcomes– so there’s no conflict of interest.

Automatically adapt to market changes: The programmatic media environment is in constant flux due to factors like supply moving in and out of marketplaces, competitive campaigns starting & ending, spikes & trends in online traffic, creative burnout, seasonality, and other factors. The TerminalOne Brain™ includes sophisticated learning algorithms, both at the beginning of each campaign and throughout its active life cycle, to automatically adapt your buying as market dynamics change.

Customize the algorithm to further enhance performance: Our flexible optimization platform enables you to declare your goals & target metrics, introduce your own proprietary data into the algorithm, adjust bidding at the impression level on the basis of custom attribution models, or even bring your own trading algorithms into the action.

Ensure total transparency to understand what’s working & why: No black boxes here. We make available not just the data inputs, but the algorithm outputs in our Brain Visualization app. That means you don’t just get performance, but you also get full insight into the drivers behind it.

Let the machines crunch the numbers while you focus on strategy.


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