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From online behaviors to offline transactions, data is the lifeblood of marketing, and effective data management is rapidly becoming one of the key drivers of marketing success, especially in digital. The key is not just to be able to collect and analyze the data, but to activate the data in real time at the critical point of customer interaction. Integrating data management and media execution into a single platform ensures maximum reach and scale with no drop-offs from having to match users between systems; enables essential real-time valuation of combined media and user data to drive ROI; streamlines workflow from audience segmentation from targeting to reporting in a single UI; and is a more cost-effective solution for marketers. TerminalOne’s data management platform includes:

Data On-boarding: TerminalOne offers secure collection and storage of your data assets, including online site and mobile app data, offline CRM data, campaign data across channels, and data from third-party providers. All of which can be on-boarded through a variety of flexible means, including server-to-server integration, file transfer, tag placement, or our exclusive Akamai-powered Full Audience View product – a powerful alternative to traditional tag management that offers 100% coverage for greater reach and performance, without any IT maintenance, without slowing your pages, and at no additional cost.

Data Segmentation: Create custom audiences from your data with the ability to flexibly combine behaviors and attributes with factors like recency, frequency, and time sequencing. TerminalOne lets you easily filter, search, and sort your segments, and provides instant sizing, trending, profiling, and forecasting of segments, all at the push of a button.  And unlike other platforms, which permanently “tattoo” users into segments, TerminalOne segments update in real time as customer behavior changes.

Data Analysis: Whether you are looking to discover new insights or test specific hypotheses, TerminalOne empowers you with a wide variety of tools to turn data into actionable insight. These include rich audience profiling and cross-indexing, segment-level analysis of campaign performance, segment reach & frequency overlap across media sources, custom funnel analytics to measure how effectively you are moving audiences from awareness to engagement to purchase, and more.

Data Activation: Ensuring that the right data is available to drive the right customer to the right interaction in real time is critical. TerminalOne’s data segments are instantly available for targeting across all media channels. The platform can also export data easily to you or your partners through file transfer, API, or other mechanisms, to power marketing efforts in search, e-mail, affiliate, site personalization, and other marketing channels.

Leverage MediaMath Helix, a powerful data solution built on a foundation of fresh transactional data. Learn more »

Collect, create, analyze, and activate all your data with the TerminalOne Marketing OS™.

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