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T1 Cross-Channel Media

T1 Cross-channel Management: Video

With MediaMath, harness the power of the fastest-growing advertising channel: video. At the core of our TerminalOne (T1) Marketing Operating System lives our T1 video platform, allowing brands to take advantage of overseeing and managing message frequency, sequential targeting, and global budgets across campaigns – all within one interface. With our T1 video platform, plan, target, measure and optimize your digital advertising across our global mobile, social & television inventory.

With over 220 billion global monthly impressions, take advantage of MediaMath’s expansive video supply on the world’s top web sites such as Facebook

Using our enhanced video targeting, reach consumers with sophisticated, personalized video campaigns

With partner-integrated solutions such as Nielsen DAR, gain TV-like insights such as online Gross Rating Points (GRPs), helping marketers accurately identify and measure audiences by demographics

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