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We understand that performance is necessary but not sufficient. Brands and agencies need transparent insights into the underlying drivers of campaign metrics, of media efficiency, of customer behaviors, and ultimately of business results. The analysis of digital marketing data leads not only to greater accountability for every dollar spent, but greater insights into consumers, which can in turn inform customer strategy, product strategy, messaging strategy, and more. Your marketing platform should be a laboratory in which you can discover new insights and test new hypotheses in order to make your business better. TerminalOne’s analytics & insights features include:

Campaign Reporting: TerminalOne provides a suite of reports to help you transparently understand campaign performance and how to improve it. Standard reports include Performance, Site Transparency, Reach & Frequency, and Geo Reporting, all delivered via UI as well full-reporting APIs. Advanced reporting includes apps like the Opportunity forecaster which allows you to precisely forecast available audiences and impressions at different price levels, the Brain Visualization app which reveals the output of the TerminalOne Brain™ algorithm for your campaigns. .

Audience & Segment Reporting: A wide variety of customer-focused reporting is powered by TerminalOne’s Data Management Platform. This includes the creation of persona profiles for any desired audience, growth trends by segment, index analysis against third-party data to discover key segment characteristics, index analysis and overlap analysis against media properties to better locate audiences and eliminate duplication, deconstruction of campaign performance by segment, funnel analytics to measure how effectively you are moving audiences through your sales funnel, and more.

Attribution Analytics: Successful and accurate attribution of consumer action to advertising impressions is the key to demonstrating performance and proving the effectiveness of ad spending. TerminalOne gives clients the ability to implement custom attribution models, developed in-house or by third parties, into real-time decisioning at the impression level through our Closed-Loop Attribution product. Clients can also explore different “what if” scenarios using our Attribution Analytics app to vary attribution assumptions, understand the fractional impact of different media pathways, and quantify the relative contribution of different media tactics, suppliers, or partners.

Custom Analytics: MediaMath can provide clients with a wide array of customized analytics & modeling solutions, including customized reporting dashboards built to your specifications, custom campaign or audience analytics, custom attribution analysis, custom segment look-alike modeling, and more – all of which can leverage not just TerminalOne data, but join to offline data as well for a comprehensive view of your business.

Analysis that leads to action. Insights that lead to results.  That’s the TerminalOne Marketing OS™.

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