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MediaMath established the first Demand Side Platform (DSP) in 2007, when we launched the first platform that purchased ads on real time auctions. Today, our media products provide omni-channel addressability with scale, privilege and excellence in decisioning, messaging and workflow.

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Performance at the Core

100 Billion

The T1 Platform responds to 100 Billion bid-opportunities daily, or roughly 3M per second, and up to 4M during high traffic.

40 Milliseconds

Typical response time for our bidders to determine optimal bid price and respond with a bid globally from any of our 9 global datacenters.

10TB per Model

Each campaign model pulls from 10 Terabytes of data, resulting in hundreds of millions of possible feature values for decisioning and optimization.

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16 Global Data Centers

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Access via UI or API

Fleixble and exstensible to support the world’s most sophisticated marketers



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Visionaries Since 2007