The TerminalOne Marketing OS™ is a platform built specifically for algorithmic media buying

The MediaMath technology stack was built from the ground up as an enterprise class solution for real-time bidding, algorithmic media buying, and data management. MediaMath invented the demand side platform and continues to deliver performance for marketers with the highest QPS, lowest timeout rates, and best cookie match rates.

Our technology was built with flexibility in mind. Plug in your own UI, analytics, data management, or integrate with the best of the ecosystem already piped in to TerminalOne - no other marketing decisioning platform offers this level of customization and modularity.

TerminalOne technology highlights:
  • Fastest response rates (>250k QPS at sub 50ms)
  • Flexible, modular platform: easily plug in 3rd party technology via APIs
  • Next generation pixel server supports complex business logic for full data management capabilities
  • Owned and operated data centers throughout N. America & EMEA
Our knowledgeable staff would be happy to walk you through the basics, or even geek out with you about the technology stuff.
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