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CTV advertising has quickly become the dominant media channel for mass reach over linear television. The cord-nevers generation continues to grow, and cord-cutters have grown as COVID-19 has driven the shift from linear to OTT and CTV viewing with more individuals staying home.

As these catalysts of change accelerate the shift towards CTV advertising, MediaMath will continue to innovate on OTT advertising solutions to provide marketers with a competitive edge to increase ROI. Our technology platform is designed to drive brand performance, delivering higher reach, omnichannel frequency controls and measurement.

MediaMath’s CTV advertising solution gives brands the opportunity to have a 1:1 relationship with their customers across all screens with data-driven audience targeting.

Through our SOURCE-led initiative and aligned ecosystem partnerships, we’re able to provide increased CTV advertising addressability on premium inventory that delivers transparency, accountability and online or offline attribution with fraud protection.


Speak to your customer with tailored ad creative using our scalable identity graph and frequency control your messaging for an optimal customer experience.


Don’t limit your success to only traditional TV metrics. Quantify and attribute the results of your media ad spend with performance-led KPIs.


Activate on first-, second- and third-party audience data to identify your customer across all screens programmatically.

CTV supply

Programmatically or directly access major network, cable and premium subscription streaming TV services throughout the globe.

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