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Using sophisticated algorithms, our TerminalOne MOS™, allows marketers to reach unprecedented scale in delivering the right message to the right person.  Make the creative units customizable by individual, ranging from items in Facebook News Feeds to banner ads to fully immersive sight, sound, and motion 30-second spots on desktops, laptops and mobile devices. Pay a variable price based on predicted value for each impression. Change strategies based on real-time feedback.

With MediaMath’s TerminalOne Marketing Operating System™, you can reimagine performance around your direct response efforts:

  • Define goals that matter for your bottom line. Set your transaction-level online and offline ROI goals, then optimize media investments against those goals
  • Integrate your CRM data.  Onboard CRM data into TerminalOne to target your customers more precisely and optimize every engagement; then measure the results to better understand the lifetime value of your customers, one by one
  • Implement custom attribution models at the impression level.  Ensure maximum incremental value to your business from every touch point
  • Optimize retargeting across multiple dimensions.  From audience and product to recency and frequency, and more – with dynamically produced creative messages
  • Scale prospecting efforts.  Identify, reach, and engage prospects more efficiently and effectively to drive increased conversion rates
  • Optimize your buying with advanced algorithms. Respond to market movements, changing consumer behaviors, competitive media dynamics, shifting customer outcomes (and their value), and more in real time.  Apply your custom algorithms too
  • Understand the underlying drivers of performance.  Get full transparency into granular data and algorithmic outputs – no need to guess what worked, the story unfolds before your eyes
  • Integrate best-of-breed solutions across digital ecosystem. Bring your existing relationships or tap into the expertise of our more than 250 partners through our OPEN Partner Marketplace.

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