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End the waste by delivering 100% of your brand impressions to consumers who are actually in your target audience.  Don’t buy the haystack to find the needle. Don’t buy chaff when all you want is wheat.  Remember, it is the same customer or potential customer behind all of those screens. Reach them seamlessly across publishers and media channels, with the ability to control reach and frequency, globally, across every digital touchpoint.

With MediaMath’s TerminalOne Marketing Operating System™ (T1 MOS™), you can reimagine performance around your branding efforts:

  • Control where your brand is seen. Maximize the impact of your brand messaging by controlling the environment in which your message is delivered – ensuring contextually relevant content, ad viewability, and more
  • Understand true brand lift. Leverage advanced brand analytics capabilities, including solutions from every leading brand measurement technology in the marketplace, to quantify lift in metrics such as brand awareness, affinity, purchase intent, and more
  • Achieve your outcomes. Optimize to the brand outcomes you are looking to achieve by using sophisticated machine-learning algorithms to understand which segments, media properties, and creative executions will drive desired outcomes most efficiently and effectively.
  • Glean the actionable insights about your brands and your customers. Generate insights from powerful and transparent reporting spanning your entire brand marketing efforts, including reach and frequency analysis, audiences and media partner overlaps, detailed audience profiling, integrated analytics from partners like Nielsen and comScore, and more.
  • Integrate best-of-breed solutions from across the digital ecosystem. Bring your existing relationships or tap into the expertise of more than 250 partners through our OPEN Partner Marketplace.

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