Strategies for Achieving the Best Results
This Back to School Season


1. Extend TV Ads to Digital Video for Increased Brand Awareness
As you develop awareness among customers for your brand this back to school season, leverage the power of digital video to amplify your message. Extend your TV ads to online and mobile channels to engage customers with a consistent message across all mediums to maximize impact. You can even create custom audience segments based on TV show audiences to target the same people through both TV and online video. Contact your MediaMath representative to learn about TV data targeting options.

2. Secure High Performing Inventory with Direct Buys
Lock in priority access to your target customers on the sites you’ll know they’ll be through direct deals with publishers. Look at your previous years’ campaign performance by site to identify high performing sites that can deliver relevant customers at scale. With direct publisher deals you can also secure unique inventory including homepage takeovers, interstitials and rising stars that attract attention and help build your brand. Better yet, many publishers have Back to School specials you can use to lock in premium inventory at great rates. Once your customers engage, you can continue connecting with them through RTB channels.

3. Use Mobile as a Branding Channel
According to the National Retail Federation, more than 40% of Back to School and College shoppers will conduct some of their product research on a mobile device this season. Mobile is a great medium for generating brand awareness early in your customers’ buying process. Use Apple iAds to target customers inside apps to drive awareness and your own app downloads.


4. Engage Existing Customers
Activate your existing customer data to engage them early and outside of owned channels such as your website and email. Use dynamic creative to personalize your messages to customers based on past purchases and expressed preferences.

5. Engage Customers Through Social Channels
More than 60% of shoppers will use social media during the Back to School season to find products, get product information, and recommendations. Use Facebook Custom Audiences and Twitter Tailored Audiences using your first-party data to build relevant segments to target for retargeting campaigns.


6. Optimize campaigns for ROI
To achieve the best results from your marketing investments, you need to spend your budget where it will yield the greatest revenue. By setting up your campaigns inside TerminalOne™ to optimize for ROI rather than CPM or CPA, you’ll enable the system to direct your marketing budget where it will yield the greatest revenue.

Back to School Supply

MediaMath has sourced relevant back to school inventory, along with the publishers below, to help you maximize your campaign ROI. Contact us to get started and to learn about availability in your region.

Back to School, MediaMath T1 Inventory


For a limited time, MediaMath is offering special, exclusive pricing on back-to-school audience segments - anywhere from a 15% to 50% CPM price drop on segments from some of our top data providers: BlueKai, Datalogix, AddThis, Lotame, Neustar and eXelate. This promotion will extend from the start of July through end of August to coincide with this high traffic shopping season. Log in to T1 to activate these segments or visit our partners' OPEN profiles to learn more or contact them directly.

  • Need to build relevant custom back to school audiences? TruSignal creates incredibly precise, offline people-based audiences that improve the accuracy and efficiency for branding and prospecting campaigns by acquiring high-value consumers you’re not reaching today and improve the ROI for direct response campaigns by avoiding consumers who will never buy. Get a free 30-Day trial.
  • Looking to target on mobile devices, specifically? Look no further than AddThis under their Mobile taxonomy for over 30 discounted Back-to-School related segments.
  • Want to find new audiences through social brand affinity? AffinityAnswers is offering a $1 CPM on pre-bundled, best performing brand affinity segments based on social engagement.
  • Need non-US segments? Check out Lotame’s and eXelate's Back-to-School discounted segments available in UK and Canada.
  • Looking for a TV extension strategy? We have discounted Datalogix TV segments that are popular with the Back-to-School shoppers:
    • DLX TV powered by TRA > TV Shows*

*Tip: American Idol, America's Got Talent, Dancing with the Stars, Grey's Anatomy , and Modern Family tend to index highly with Moms, families with children, and college students

  • Want to identify Mom and Dads with specific shopping habits? Look at eXelate’s Smart Segments for Shopping Moms, Shopping Dads, Kids, and Coupons. You can also use eXelate’s Intent search segments from our Back-to-School promotion (20% price drop to $0.80CPM) to identify who has searched on specific keywords that relate heavily to seasonal shopping this season
  • Seeking scale at the lowest CPM? BlueKai has the answer with their Back to School Shoppers segment under Custom Categories at just $0.55 CPM.
  • Looking for the largest price break? Neustar has offered us a 50% drop in CPM on their AdAdvisor Edu segments to identify college and graduate students
  • Connexity connects shoppers with over 100 million products from tens of thousands of retailers with its unique portfolio of shopping sites (Bizrate, Shopzilla, Retrevo, RobotOatmeal, and Beso) and premium partnerships. Connexity offers 15+ million back to school and 7+ million back to college profiles.

In addition to these special data deals, partners including CrossPixel, Epsilon, Experian, Eyeota, Datatonics, DataXpand, ADEX, Grapeshot, Acxiom, i-Behavior, and Navegg have back-to-school related segments for audience targeting. Search keywords including:

  • Back To School, BackToSchool,
  • School Supplies, SchoolSupplies
  • College, College Students, College Admissions, College Life

Peer39 also has the following segments available for contextual targeting in T1:

  • Education > College & Universities
  • Seasonal > Back to School *

*This seasonal category is pretty inclusive of anything school-related. Parenting, bullying, education, shopping for school supplies, clothes, cell phones, texting, immunizations, health, lunch boxes, nutrition, educational entertainment, high school sports, scholarships, standardized tests, school funding, education politics, teachers, books, and youths/juveniles.

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