The Rise of Programmatic Attribution – Ep. 8

The Rise of Programmatic Attribution – Ep. 8
Posted on August 11th, 2017

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Here’s the Recap

Chris Kane is the founder of Jounce Media, a consulting business focused on the Ad-Tech space.They work with advertisers, publishers, and technology providers to unlock the full potential of programmatic advertising.They help marketers be smarter buyers and publishers be better sellers through education and technical consulting support. They offer customized off the shelf technology to solve specific marketing problems.

What We Covered

  • [01:30] – Chris talks about Jounce Media and their mission
  • [02:20] – His journey and how he got into the programmatic ad tech industry
  • [03:06] – The major touch points that trigger the evolution of ad tech space
  • [05:07] –How can marketers to new ad tech techniques if they came from classic media buying background?
  • [08:30] – What does attribution mean in the marketing aspect?
  • [09:42] – How can marketers effectively measure all interactions of their media investments?How do these metrics affect both marketer and consumer?
  • [11:35] – How can marketers from traditional marketing industry cope with the new ecosystem of digital advertising?
  • [14:13] – Best practices that marketers can do to evaluate the effectiveness of their attributions.
  • [16:38] – In terms of advancement in attributions, do you see anything going up the pipeline?
  • [18:06] – What should media brand do to measure attribution from walled garden ad tech investments?
  • [22:56] Advice to marketers


The key difference between young and old marketers is the way they measure effectiveness. Click To Tweet Marketers need an apples-to-apples way to measure the effectiveness of their media plan. Click To Tweet Whatever metrics you use to judge your returns, it has to be consistent across all the places where you put your money. Click To Tweet Continue to Invest in smart analytics tools but refocus your efforts on getting clean data. Click To Tweet The key thing that most marketers do not do is have some sort of truth. Click To Tweet Use incremental results to tune the attribution model. Click To Tweet It’s now time for every marketer to think about their investments as having some kind of financial return. Click To Tweet

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