The Importance of Data Governance in Programmatic – Ep. 7

The Importance of Data Governance in Programmatic – Ep. 7
Posted on July 26th, 2017

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Here’s the Recap

Alice Lincoln is the VP of Data Policy and Governance at MediaMath and has 15 years of experience in digital marketing, data product development and the protection of consumer privacy. In our conversation, we speak about the importance of protecting consumers privacy and data in an ever-growing technologically dependent world and the responsibility that tech companies and other industry groups should have to educate, inform, and be transparent on how consumers data is being collected and used.

What We Covered

  • [01:56] – Alice’s background and working for non-profit organizations
  • [03:31] – How she defines data policy and governance
  • [05:28] – The work that was being done on data policy at MediaMath when she started
  • [06:41] – The educational gaps between marketers and consumers regarding data policy and governance
  • [08:42] – What she would like to see industry do regarding personal data
  • [09:57] – How being an industry insider has helped shape her view on data privacy as a consumer
  • [10:56] – What she feels is the most significant concern regarding data in the industry
  • [12:26] – The need for data privacy policy with smart home devices
  • [13:40] – Industry groups collaborating to share knowledge for the benefit of all consumers
  • [14:34] – The benefit regarding the use of data in this industry
  • [15:43] – If data is being grabbed just for the sake of having it
  • [17:24] – The difference in data usage and governance in other regions and what the impact has been
  • [20:39] – The responsibilities tech companies have to consumers on informing them how their data is being used
  • [22:56] – What ISP’s can do with your browser history and the impact of it on the market place
  • [25:49] – How responsibility should be shared when it comes to protecting data
  • [28:48] – The Value Exchange – how sharing your data can be a positive thing
  • [29:46] – The future of this industry


I think it’s the right thing to do and I think it’s a good thing for our industry to be more transparent with consumers. Click To Tweet It’s not necessarily clear to the average person what data is being collected about them. Click To Tweet I don’t think the future really is more data…I think it’s more about collecting the right data. Click To Tweet It’s not just technologies that evolve, consumers evolve. Click To Tweet Companies are responsible for informing consumers of how their data is being used and giving them choices about that. Click To Tweet It’s not bad to allow your data to be used if it’s used in the right ways. Click To Tweet

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