MediaMath MediaMath Contextual Powered by Oracle

MediaMath Contextual Powered by Oracle

Drive conversation with consumers and align brand messages when and where it makes sense.

It is no secret that consumers respond more favorably to ad experiences that are relevant to their situation. Pre-bid contextual targeting not only brings messages in sync with the right environment, but also gives peace of mind that brand messages won’t associate with undesirable content.

MediaMath and Oracle Data Cloud are joining forces to offer marketers an exclusive targeting solution that focuses on building better contextual products together. Our technology is based on an algorithm that analyzes the body of the content as opposed to scanning the URL or individual keywords. Our approach identifies true context and avoids misinterpretation.

With MediaMath Contextual powered by Oracle, marketers can expect a more accurate and faster solution, making topics available for targeting, or avoiding, within minutes.


Target based on environment and context of the page to sync advertising with the moments that matter.

Brand Safety

Avoid ad spend on unsafe or inflammatory content before the bid is placed.

Scale & Granularity

Achieve granularity through term specificity coupled with quality of cookie-free targeting.