MediaMath Ad Serving

Ad Serving

Execute your online advertising campaigns with a reliable ad server to ensure that your message gets delivered to your customer quickly and reliably.

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Companies need a single source of truth for configuring, managing, and reporting on their advertising campaigns. Ad servers provide this through delivering creatives to users’ devices and providing reporting clarity of the impact of every campaign.

MediaMath Ad Serving provides a fully-integrated ad serving solution within our DSP. You’ll benefit from globally scaled infrastructure without the need to copy and paste tags from one system to another. Simply upload your creative assets and start buying.

Our omnichannel creative framework feeds our ad server and provides universally adaptable delivery of your message into whatever format, device, or channel you buy through our platform.

Global Scale

Uses best-in-class CDN partners with points of presence in every global region.


Fully-integrated ad serving eliminates operational overhead of managing multiple systems.


Unlock the full potential of creative universality as ads are delivered to any device across any channel.