MediaMath Lift Measurement

Lift Measurement

Provides marketers an easy, highly accurate way to answer the question: “What is the true impact of my marketing campaign?”

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Brands and agencies want to understand the true incremental impact of their marketing efforts, but existing measurement techniques are flawed, biased and costly in dollars and effort.

MediaMath’s Lift Measurement product employs the most innovative and sophisticated methodology that eliminates the statistical bias involved with other advertising placebo testing methods.

MediaMath’s Lift Measurement App automatically maintains separate population of users across devices into two statistically identical groups of “test” and “control” to measure the resulting lift and incrementality of a campaign.

Reinvest Holdout Budget

Renders control group holdouts unnecessary so marketers can reinvest budget where they want.

Automated setup and results

Eliminates manual effort to segment and maintain advertising hold-out of the control group.


Full transparency into both the data and methodology behind the reported results.