MediaMath EnrichedID


Gain deeper insight on customers to use across marketing activation

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Understanding your customer’s interests, needs, and activity throughout the entire purchase lifecycle is the key to creating successful advertising experiences. Respecting their privacy in the process is the ultimate goal.

Learn more about your customers across all devices and browsers to power informed segmentation, targeting, and measurement. MediaMath’s Enriched Identity enhances your first-party data by appending a user-level ConnectedID with observed interest, transactional, and location attributes. You can control your own data and use it across marketing activities.

EnrichedID lowers data costs by at least 25%


EID is powered by a proprietary data asset that uses only observed, not modeled, attributes.


MediaMath is committed to user-privacy compliance and supports consumer choice to participate in targeted advertising.


Data is available at the log level and portable across multiple platforms, giving marketers full control and transparency of what’s working.