MediaMath Helix


Data, Evolved.

Helix is MediaMath’s proprietary data offering that utilizes fresh, high-quality transactional data to provide exclusive benefits to agencies and brands that choose to opt in, to accelerate programmatic success and unlock the full promise of data-driven marketing. Combined with MediaMath’s access to programmatic signals and the global MediaMath data partnerships, Helix provides access to predictive audiences, exclusive insights, and consultative services to maximize the impact data can have on an advertiser’s marketing initiatives.

Despite the success of programmatic in delivering real results to marketers, buying data is still challenging – there’s not enough of it, what there is often doesn’t work well, and buying it tends to be manual.

Helix exists to solve this problem. Members of Helix gain access to exclusive benefits including custom lookalike models, actionable insights, fresh high-quality audiences, and a suite of consultative services to ensure objectives are exceeded.

Built on the backbone of pooled online transactional data, Helix is able to build a complete, actionable picture of each member’s existing and potential audience to optimize value,
reach and ROI.

What's Inside

  • Helix combines the best of all data offerings in the programmatic industry, built on a foundation of online transactional purchase data
  • Members can access 500MM+ profiles of users to truly achieve scale for their marketing efforts
  • Helix works with 1/3 of the Internet Retailer 100 brands
  • Over 300 brands share transactional data that powers Helix audiences, across verticals including Retail, Media, Technology, Auto, Education, Finance and Telecom
  • Helix sees over $10 billion in annual transactions
  • Helix offers two types of audiences to drive performance

    Helix Standard Audiences

    Helix builds audiences from users’ real-time transactional and browsing behavior, which can be targeted based on an advertiser’s specific goals.

    Shopping Behavior Audiences

    Built from user actions like browsing, clicking and buying (e.g., Luxury Shoppers, Bargain Hunters, Frequent Purchasers, High Response Rates)

    In-Market Audiences

    Built from product categories browsed, carted and bought (e.g. Women’s Apparel, Toys, Home Goods, Gifts & Flowers)

    Helix Lookalike Audiences

    Helix uses an advertiser’s seed data – an aggregated and anonymized sample of users who have converted on their site – to build models and find other users with similar behaviors and interests. We find other users most likely to convert or to perform a similar action as those in the sample. Modeling against the attributes of a brand’s most valuable users is a proven method of building audiences likely to convert at scale, to drive better outcomes.

    Helix Prospecting Lookalike Audiences

    Users who haven’t visited the site before and have the highest propensity to convert

    Helix Retargeting Lookalike Audiences

    Users who have visited the site recently and have the highest propensity to convert

  • Helix powers a variety of unique reports to enable better planning and decision-making for our partners. Insights include:

    Key Insights Report

    Snapshot of your customers’ key attributes, based on their behaviors both on and off your site

    Product Category Report

    The product categories for which your users are in-market

    Top Correlated Variables

    The most highly correlated variables in your lookalike models

    Back-Testing Performance

    Take any seed audience and predict how it will perform for your campaign

    Benchmark Reports

    Compare performance of your campaign against others in your vertical or sub-vertical

  • Helix offers a suite of services to ensure data is being leveraged as effectively and efficiently as possible. These include modeling guidance, audience analysis, setup optimization, success measurement, and other services for our members.

We have a lot of data about our own customers, but that data is limited in scale. Being a member of Helix enables us to tap into a much wider pool of shoppers, many of whom are perfect customers for our brand. These are users we wouldn't be able to reach without leveraging a powerful aggregated source of shopper behavior data like Helix. We have seen dramatic improvement in campaign performance since joining Helix, and it has become an integral part of our audience targeting strategy. Rachel Silva, AVP of Marketing, Pep Boys
iProspect believes in the power of fresh, quality data to drive effective marketing results and insights for our clients to enable them to accelerate real business outcomes. We’ve already seen the results, and we’re thrilled to work with Helix as MediaMath doubles down on its commitment to evolve data-driven buying to the next level with a data offering built on a powerful foundation. Benjamin Flecha, Director, Data & Insights: Activation & Attribution, iProspect.